Equine sports medicine is a specific field of veterinary medicine that focuses on  the health and well-being of horses, used as athletes in any discipline of  equestrian sports.

Unlike the diagnosis and treatment of common lameness and injuries, sports medicine is more targeted on specific musculoskeletal injuries, related to using horses in all different kind of disciplines of equestrian sports.

To recognize and diagnose these occupational injuries, more specialized expertise is needed.  The veterinarian has not only to be an excellent veterinarian, he or she should also be an expert in the use of horses as
an athlete.

The doctors at the Equine All-Sports Medicine Center are life-time riders and competitors in several equine disciplines, and have specific expertise in the science of sports medicine and rehabilitation. Dr van Wessum is a Diplomate of the Amercian College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (Equine) and a Dutch Veterinary Medical Assoctaion Cetrified Practiocioner in Equine Medicine  and Dr Johnston is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (Equine)

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to the Equine All-Sports Medicine Center in Mason, Michigan, USA.

We are a board certified specialty equine clinic focused on sports medicine, lameness, tendon and ligament injuries, back pain and  rehabilitation.