University Level Medicine at a Practical Setting

Dr van Wessum as well as Dr Johnston are contributors to major veterinary textbooks and publications and very well rooted within the university community at MSU, where they both have worked in the past. Their philosophy of performing equine sports medicine is based on scientific knowledge and education and they bring the newest and most proven techniques and ideas to their work and hobby.

At the EASMC we offer you a high level of service with great attention for you and your horse, which will give you these advantages:

-we have no waiting times, our appointments are made for one case at a time, so we can focus all our attention to you and your horse. There will be no other clients around during your appointment to respect your privacy.
-our team will communicate with you during the exam process, keep you updated on what is going on, and explain each step in detail.
-our communications are clear and not ‘fussed’ with professional medical language, we are used to explain what is going on with your horse in plain laypeople or horseman language, not just medical terms.
-our treatment options are practical and useable, we will give you many options for treatment, you can make the choice that will fit your wallet.
-we will have the owner/trainer/rider involved in the process of treatment and rehabilitation, much cheaper and far more effective!

We are a down to earth practical team with practical solutions!